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Hydropower Servicing & Maintenance

Bluenergy can fully support every aspect of your hydro scheme from one off callouts to ongoing total care


Hydro schemes can be complex systems in terms of engineering & business operations, so for the best outcomes we believe in a fully integrated approach to a sites management


Too often a piecemeal approach is taken to maintenance & management, with non-hydro engineers or consultants being subcontracted in to fill capability gaps


As Bluenergy also develops, designs and builds hydro schemes, we have a full understanding of how an overall system operates, which allows us to fully optimize your site

Bluenergy works with a wide range of turbine & control manufacturers and can provide approved support

If you feel your hydro scheme needs a check up or you would like a second option, please contact us, and Bluenergy may be able to arrange a free initial consultation or site inspection subject to our schedule

Turgo turbine spear valve with jet cone removed
Crossflow turbine been serviced
Hydro scheme control panel been inspected

On Demand Support

Because things can go wrong, any time, any place, anywhere, 

Bluenergy offers a on demand callout & support service. In most cases we are able to resolve issues in the field. 

Bluenergy also covers items beyond the turbine house and can undertake repairs to intakes or even civils works.

Our services are available on a turnkey basis, so we take care of everything

Maintenance Contracts

Bluenergy can provide support packages which are tailored to a sites needs. This can included servicing, callouts, intermittent inspections and remote support. Ongoing support allows potential issues to be dealt with proactively so reducing downtime. 

In addition to one off services

Bluenergy can offer ongoing monitoring so we can really get to know your scheme and keep it optimized

Total Care Packages

Bluenergy's total care packages take maintenance contracts to the next level. This is a fully integrated option which not only looks after your entire phyical scheme, but also the equally important aspects such as PPA's, compliance, and full remote management. 

Bluenergy can also provide training which is tailored to meet your needs so you are fully empowered to maintain your site day to day

Thermal image of screw turbine gearbox
Scada control system computer terminal
450mm butterfly valve been prepared for installation

Diagnostics & Evaluations

Bluenergy offers a full range of diagnostic services to identify issues, which combined with our experience allow us to recommend remediation strategies.

As scheme designers we are also able to run critical re-evaluations of projects to determine if they are working as well as they could and then make any required alterations

Helpline & Remote Support

In most cases local operatives are best placed to maintain a site day to day. If a more complex issue arises, Bluenergy is typically able to resolve many problems remotely before they are even reported. If an issue escalates, Bluenergy can remotely instruct an operative if required, so avoiding a callout.

Our support & advice covers all aspects of your hydro scheme, from O&M, DNO's, regulatory compliance, Ofgem &  PPA's

Refits & Overhauls

As schemes age, more intrusive maintenance may be required. 

Bluenergy recommends proactively replacing wearing items such as seals, bearings, electrical components before they fail so downtime is reduced. 

Bluenergy can also replace turbines, turbine runners, generators, control units or undertake major upgrades if required on a turnkey basis

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