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What makes us different ?

Historically hydropower delivery and support has tended to be fragmented with many independent consultants, engineers, contractors and managers being involved. 

Bluenergy began with developing projects for the micro hydro sector were budgets can be limited, and many schemes could not justify the traditional multi layered approach.

To make these projects viable, Bluenergy 

brought many of the required skills and services in house to increase oversight and reduce costs to our clients. This resulted in a truly "hands on" fully integrated approach.


As Bluenergy takes on all aspects of hydropower from feasibility, design, planning and permitting to procurement, complete installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, we have a unique understanding of what it takes to make a project succeed.

We also offer our consultancy, engineering and other services to third parties.  These services can be used togther for maximum benefit or individually as required.


Although still happy to work with micro sites and SME's, Bluenergy also now provides services to larger organizations such as water utilities, the National Trust and commercial hydropower operators across the UK.

Bluengineering builds on these skills and experience, deploying this knowledge in other water related projects such as waste water management, SuDS, and flood/sediment control projects.

All of Bluenergy's services are also available to community projects, and we have 

supported a broad range of community schemes form, feasibility studies to full installations, and ongoing care.



As a small and dedicated term, Bluenergy is able to act dynamically and take an innovative approach to delivering projects. Bluenergy works with like minded individuals, organizations & suppliers to provide integrated solutions for our clients


Chris Henshaw

Chris originally operated his own agricultural and contracting business. Initially these services were based in the agricultural sector, but rapidly expanded to include civils works, building design, utilities provision and project management.

With the growing interest in small scale renewables from his clients, Chris put his physics masters to full use and jointly founded Bluenergy, which at first focused developing micro hydro schemes for rural communities.

To improve the viability of these projects, Chris & Ed developed a fully integrated approach to hydropower, to avoid the need for costly outsourcing and expensive layers of project management. As direct support for renewables reduced, Bluenergy’s integrated approach soon found favour with larger projects.

Chris can normally be found out on site surveying, constructing or maintaining hydro schemes, but is just as happy undertaking the equally important design, planning and permitting aspects of works. He also takes a keen interest in promoting community hydro and lobbying to remove barriers to the development of renewables for SME’s.

Hydropower is Chris’s passion, but he does manage to have time to keep bee’s back in Northumberland.


Ed Henshaw

Since graduating from Durham University Ed worked in the environmental assessment and engineering sector for a number of consultancies, ranging from large multi-disciplinary national firms to small start-up regional-scale practices. 


His roles covered a wide range, technical surveys, design and management of environmental restoration, modelling and impact assessments together with associated management activities. 

Ed set up his own consultancy in 2008 which initially offered quantitative risk modelling services for human health and water receptors to the contaminated land redevelopment sector.


With Chris taking joint ownership, the company refocussed via its Bluenergy brand on hydroelectric power development and installation.  The company then further diversified via its Bluengineering brand in order to allow the services to be offered to a broader range of river and water related projects.


Ed heads up the environmental survey, assessment and permitting work together with business management and marketing.


Being from a farming background Ed is also involved in practical works on site, in addition to managing H&S and environmental compliance.

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