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Community Hydro Projects

Bluenergy has worked with a broad range of community hydropower projects from, feasibility studies to full installations, and ongoing care

We understand that each community project is unique and are happy to work flexibly to deliver projects in a way that works for your community

Bluenergy is not just a passive service provider, we actively get involved in growing and shaping community initiatives for individual local groups and nationally

If you are thinking about a new community hydroelectric project or feel your existing scheme needs a check up or servicing, please contact us, and Bluenergy may be able to arrange a free initial consultation or site inspection subject to our schedule

Clearing the River Bain Hydro intake screen
Installing the 1.6MW Barr River Community Hydro Pelton Turbine
Open day at Raasay Community Renewables with MP Ian Blackford meeting Blunergy

Long Term Support for Community Schemes

Bluenergy is happy to support community projects installed by thrid parties that may now be overlooked. We have provided discounted support & solutions to help turn around projects and get them back on track such as River Bain Hydro in North Yorkshire

Full Turnkey Delivery or Targeted Services

Bluenergy's fully integrated approach to hydropower has helped unlock community projects such as those on the Isle of Raasay In other cases we have provided specialist services such as the installation of the 1.6MW turbine for Barr River Hydro which is the largest community hydro scheme in the UK

Standing Up For Community Hydro

Right from the start, Bluenergy has always worked hard to make sure that small scale, community & micro hydro projects are represented. We are members of the British Hydro Association who help to ensure your voice is heard by regulators, utilities and governments. 

Bluenergy is also supporting the Local Energy Bill campaign, which if successful would help unlock more community generation

Raasay Community Renewables open day with visitors viewing the turbine house
Crossflow gearbox oil change underway
Water flowing into a food attenuation basin through a leaky dam

Community Partnerships

By working in close partnership with communities groups such as Raasay Community Renewables 

Bluenergy is able to de-risk the up front costs of project development and then offer longterm ongoing support to ensure projects succeed.

Beyond engineering, Bluenergy also provides support for financing projects, grants, fundraising, leases & wayleaves, ongoing management including Ofgem, PPA's, flow returns and "bolt on" projects.

Bluenergy fully engages with local communities, taking part in public meetings, open events, supporting boards, training events - so they can get the most out of their projects.

We also look at the bigger picture, and are working with communities to develop new routes to market for hydro schemes in the post FIT's world and also enhance existing schemes with "bolt on" projects such as private wires & collocated solar arrays

All of our maintenance and support services are available to community hydro schemes, regardless of who installed them.

Bluenergy offers these services on either a "pay as you go" basis or as part of an ongoing package tailored to a sites needs. 

Bluenergy also provides hydro training which is tailored to meet your communities needs so you are fully empowered to make the most of your hydro scheme

Bluengineering for Communities

Bluengineering also provides support for non-hydro community based projects such as flood management schemes. These projects are typically delivered in partnership with organizations such as the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust

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