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Full Turnkey Delivery

Bluenergy is able to offer a unique full turnkey project delivery service, from design to construction to ongoing care


We provide key services directly so avoiding outsourcing which increases costs and decreases oversight


What is Turnkey Project Delivery ?

In the context of hydropower, a traditional turnkey project is one in which a single company is responsible for delivering the entire project.

In practice this normally means that a hydro consultant may design a scheme, but then subcontract many of tasks such as surveying, specialist design & permitting, construction, electromechanical installation, commissioning and maintenance. This leads to a great deal of management overlap, increased costs and poor visibility of responsibility


What is different about Bluenergy's  approach ?

Bluenergy keeps the key services in house, so costs are reduced for our clients and projects are delivered more efficiently.  

For instances with Bluenergy, the schemes design, specification, build and future maintinance is fully integrated as we undertake each step and know what is really involved to make a project happen.

In some cases Bluenergy will take care of every aspect of a project including operational management.

We not only deliver physical turnkey projects, but can also deliver a turnkey business that provides a near passive income

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